Is Gold a Safe Heaven Asset?

From the tale as old as time Gold is one of the most ancient commodities and amongst the most seasoned raw materials to be traded in the markets.
Have you ever considered why this particular commodity continues to shine its way through year after year, and how Gold can be considered a safe haven asset?

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Diversification in the Commodities Market

Furthermore, it is key to note that, fundamentally, when traders diversify in other markets it could lower one’s exposure to risk (given the financial formula of CAPM). Therefore, when trading CFDs, diversifying into the safe-haven commodity of Gold could be a catalyst for opportunity throughout your trading journey. 

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safe haven asset

Is Gold a Safe-Haven Asset?

It is proven by many insightful Market Analysts that Gold is considered a safe-haven asset in times of market volatility. Year after year it is shown that Gold is an increasing commodity due to its rather stable economic history and growth. 

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This precious metal is found to be increasingly popular in the new, ever-changing and unexpected economic landscape. From the uncertainty of the ongoing public health crisis with COVID-19, and other global events such as major bottlenecks in the shipment world affecting other businesses and publicly traded corporations directly, it is safe to say that Gold is a rather simple and stable commodity in times of global distress.

Evaluating your CFDs Provider

It is important when beginning your trading journey to evaluate your provider and take into account all the benefits offered from features like account types, trading charts and signals, and specifically commission fees, spreads, and leverage on particular assets.

One provider that gives an all-encompassing experience with a particular emphasis on this shining commodity is tixee. Not only does tixee offer tailored account types towards your individual trading level and needs, but there are zero commission fees* when trading Gold or other assets on CFDs, unlike some competitors. Additionally, tixee empowers traders with optimal conditions with tight spreads as well as premium tools and education.

Multi Billionaire Warren Buffet once stated, “Gold is a way of going long on fear…”.

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