Real Time Market Stream

Join tixee’s Global Head of Market Research James Trescothick for live streams during the U.S. & European Market openings, the latest breaking market news and upcoming economic calendar events.


Watch live as two of the most impactful market openings happen in real time

US opening can have global effects as many instruments are pegged to the USD

Join an industry insider, with decades of experience as he covers breaking news live as markets react

Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and how to protect yourself during market volatility

Why is the US Opening Important?

Happens after the Australian, Asian and European market openings

News released earlier in the day is usually acted on by the time the U.S. markets opens

The U.S. opening can have an immediate effect on USD

Many commodities, metals and other currencies are pegged to USD

Why is the European Opening Important?

The European or London opening comes after the Australian and Asian sessions but before the US opening

News announcements during the previous two sessions, can act like a preview for the U.S. opening

If markets are moving, the European opening is where it will probably happen first!

How do Macroeconomic Events Affect the Markets?

Although most macroeconomic events are associated with a specific instrument i.e. OPEC reports and Oil or the ECB rate announcement and EUR, depending on the market conditions when these events are announced, they have the potential to cause marketwide volatility. James will guide you through market conditions in real-time so you can have a more holistic picture of what to expect during your trading sessions.

How does breaking news affect markets?

Breaking news can send ripples through the markets.

This impact has been seen during threats of cryptocurrency regulation, break out of conflicts and the election of world leaders.

Impact depends of market conditions at the time.

If markets are already risk-off, even small events may trigger volatility.

If markets are confident even seemingly important news maybe shrugged off.

tixeeLive! will cover breaking news in real-time, helping you better gauge the potential impact of these events.


Join tixeeLive! and stay informed

The live session will cover upcoming macroeconomic events.

Get a comprehensive picture of how markets are moving in real time.

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If markets are already risk-off, even small events may trigger volatility.

Join tixee’s Global Head of Market Research James Trescothick for these live market opening sessions, during breaking news and economic calendar events.

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What is tixeeLive!?

Our in-house trading education team collaborated with Forex industry insider and educator James Trescothick to create tixeeLIVE! an ongoing series of live broadcasts designed specifically to give our clients an edge by breaking down financial news and key economic events in real time.

Market Opening Hours

  • Australian Session 10pm-7am UTC
  • Tokyo (Asian) Session 12am - 9am UTC
  • London (European) Session 8am - 4pm UTC
  • New York (U.S.) Session 1pm-10pm

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Join tixee’s Global Head of Market Research, James Trescothick, for live streams during the U.S. & European Market openings and breaking market news.

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