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Knowledge is one of a trader’s most powerful tools; calculate your position size, pip value, profit/loss, and convert currencies. Ensure your trading strategy targets the right levels to achieve and surpass your financial goals.

Position Size Calculator

Position Size Calculator

SUse live market rates to determine the optimal lot size per trade, taking into consideration your account equity, margin requirements and risk to reward ratio.

Pip Calculator

This precision tool outputs the pip value for all the instrument pairs tixee offers using your account base currency, current rates, the instrument pair being traded and lot size.

Profit & Loss Calculator

Profit & Loss Calculator

Your profit depends on multiple factors. Using real-time market rates, this tool will show you the projected profit/losses a position can create. Results are calculated in currency and pips.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter

A live feed of interbank currency rates that accurately converts both FIAT and cryptocurrency pairs to your currency of choice. Cryptocurrency rates are sourced only from creditable exchanges.

Benefits of Trading Calculators

Calculate your bottom line before you start trading

Create a more accurate trading strategy with specific figures

Calculations using live rates help you better analyse the market you’re trading

Gain more accurate insights into what moves markets

Discover how different instruments and pairs change pip values and profit/loss profiles

Deepen your knowledge as a new trader

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