Basic Chart Analysis

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Chart analysis uses an asset's historical price movements to speculate on how the price might move next. Traders use a wide range of patterns to do just this, including some of the more well-known, such as Head and Shoulders, to the more intricate Elliott Wave.
With our free, downloadable eBook, you'll discover the fundamentals of chart analysis, beginning with popular chart types and their differences. Further on, you'll be guided through some of the most commonly-used chart patterns, as well as position sizing and types of orders.

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What is Chart Analysis?

Types of Charts

Candlestick Charts

Line Charts

Bar Charts

Chart Patterns

Pros and Cons of Chart Analysis

Types of Orders

Position Sizing

Technical and Fundamental Analysis

How and Why to Trade Precious Metals
About Author

About the Author

James Trescothick, our Global Head of Market Research, has many years of experience in the financial markets, both as an analyst and a trading educator. As well as hosting daily live streams during the U.S. & European Market openings via our tixeeLive! channel, James also hosts the weekly educational series #AskJames.

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