Best Non Repainting Forex Indicators for Day Trading    

Profiting in forex day trading necessitates a thorough understanding of market movements. Using the best non repainting forex indicators for day trading is an excellent method to get a quick picture of the market’s performance while saving time.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 of the best non repainting forex indicators for day trading to help you choose the most suitable for you.

Forex mt4 indicator no repaint 

A non repaint indicator mt4 is a tool that can be used to trade any currency pair. Rajandran, the founder and CEO of Marketcalls, designed it. The indicator no repaint mt4 looks for new trends and overbought and oversold sessions. It produces the best possible outcomes when used in conjunction with other strategies such as RSI. It has the following time frames: 

Best Non Repainting Forex Indicators for Day Trading    
Forex mt4 indicator no repaint  – Time Frames

The non-repaint indicator mt4 differs from the repainting forex indicator, which changes its values regularly and occasionally makes historical data appear error-free. 

Non Repainting Forex Indicators for Day Trading are common among most traders. By modifying the appearance of historical data, these indicators “repaint” or alter them. This can persuade a trader to believe they have a signal plotting indicator that is very accurate. 

All traders need to ensure they do not fall victim to a scam. To verify if an indicator is repainting or not, follow these steps:

  • Make use of the MT4 Strategy Tester.
  • Perform a backtest on the indicator you’ve chosen.
  • To view results faster, use a low time frame.
  • After a price bar closes, non-repainting indicator values should stay unchanged.
  • On already closed price bars, repainting indicator values are replaced.

Top 10 Best Non-Repainting Forex indicators for Day Trading 

There are several types of non repainting forex indicators for day trading that traders can choose from. Here is a list of 10 non repaint indicator mt4: 

  1. Trend Direction & Force Index 

Best Non Repainting Forex Indicators for Day Trading    
Non Repainting Forex Indicator – Trend Direction & Force Index

Trend direction and force index is an MT4 indicator developed by psychologist Alexander Elder, who first published it in his book “Trading for a Living.” This oscillator swings between 1 and -1 and can be classified as a zero-cross when price movement and volume are combined. 

It also benefits from presenting a neutral zone where there is no bull or bear “force,” and the market has no discernible direction. The indicator levels indicate that this area is between -0.05 and +0.05. This “sub chart” or “below chart” indicator helps keep your chart’s view less cluttered.

Trend direction and force index uses the following calculation:
Force Index (number of periods) = [Close (current period)  –  Close (prior period)] x Volume

As suggested by Alexander Elder, the number of periods should have a default value of 13.


  • It can be used in conjunction with any forex trading system or strategy to provide additional confirmation of trade entries or exits.
  • Ideal as an entry filter for executing your trades.
  • This indicator comes with interpolation and has a multi-timeframe for getting into scalping and swing trades on all timeframes.
  • Trend direction and force index is a reliable indicator.
  • Over 33 moving averages are used to help you filter your trade.
  • Signals are color-coded for easy identification.
  • The neutral zone indicates a market that is moving sideways.
  • The oscillator is easy to use and ideal for beginner traders.


  • Signals could be very little and restricted when operating in Multi-time frame mode.
  • Novices may be confused when observing the median line while determining when a good trade entry can begin.
  • Beginner traders may find they need to spend hours practicing this non-repainting forex indicator to perfect it.
  1. Indicator arrow no repaint 

Forex arrow no repaint is a non-repainting indicator that analyzes price behavior on the chart every second. It finds the best entry points using a built-in algorithm, alerting you when to make a trade or close it.

The indicator arrow no repaint detects quick and profitable price swings and provides easy buy and sell signals via an up and down arrow indicator. A large arrow in a market trend indicates that buy and sell signals are open. 

  • Green arrow: open a long position
  • Red arrow: open a short position

The system double-checks every trading signal to ensure that only the highest probability trades are executed.

Forex arrow no repaint can provide trading signals that you can use as-is or combine with your own chart analysis to further filter the signals.



  • Traders of all experience levels can use this non-repainting indicator.
  • Arrow Indicators are a collection of indicators that are based on a variety of tools. They are typically based on indicators such as RSI, Bollinger bands, stochastic, etc. A trader does not need to draw many lines on a Forex chart and adjust each indicator separately. Arrow Indicators are already combined and have their settings simplified.
  • They are visually attractive and relieve a trader’s mental and physical fatigue.



  • Slippages and re-paintings are common occurrences, making the arrow indicators difficult to use in scalping strategies. Problems with price volatility, quotations supply, and indicator lag can cause an indicator to repaint signals, resulting in a loss-making open position.
  • When using the arrow no repaint indicator, it’s important to keep the fundamental elements in mind.
  1. RSI Bollinger Bands

Non Repainting Forex Indicator- RSI Bollinger Bands
Non Repainting Forex Indicator- RSI Bollinger Bands

The volatility of the market is measured using Bollinger bands. They function as mini-levels of support and resistance.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates overbought and oversold conditions. When the RSI exceeds 70, the market is overbought, and we should consider selling. When the RSI falls below 30, the market is oversold, and we should consider buying.

The RSI can also be used to confirm trend patterns. Wait for the RSI to go above or below 50 (which is dependent on whether you’re looking at a downtrend or an uptrend) before entering a trade if you feel a trend is forming.

The RSI acts to either support or dispel possible price patterns when the Bollinger bands and RSI are combined.


  • RSI Bollinger bands are a high-quality technical indicator.
  • There are a lot of options and show configurations.
  • For trend-trading breakouts, this indicator is very accurate.
  • Alerts, Arrows, and other useful alternatives are included.
  • Breakout trades and market volatility are easy to predict.


  • Because of the large number of options and information displayed on the screen, it might be a little intimidating for new traders. Beginners should study their options and understand how decisions affect their trading style.


  1. Jurik Volatility Bands

The Jurik Volatility Bands is a non repainting signal indicator that generates trading signals by combining the volatility band and the price.

The MT4 indicator creates a volatility channel below the chart, limiting price fluctuation. A price rebound from the channel border is read as a signal to begin a trade. The chart is marked with an arrow of the appropriate color and direction.

Scalping can be done with the Jurik Volatility Bands arrow indicator. The indicator performs best in a fluctuating market, where you can get all of the price highs and lows.


  • The indicator is ideal for counter-trend trading due to its accuracy.
  • A large number of alert choices are available.
  • Works in trending and range-bound markets.
  • User-friendly and perfect for beginners.


  • This indicator can occasionally cause beginner traders to get in too early during counter-trend scalping on lesser timeframes. However, it’s a highly effective trading tool, so the price will eventually correct if you take a position too early. You will then be able to close at a profit or break even.
  1. Auto Fibonacci Indicator MT4 

Best Non Repainting Forex Indicators for Day Trading    
Non Repainting Forex Indicator- Auto Fibonacci Indicator MT4

Traders can use the Auto Fibonacci indicator to trade pullbacks based on Fibonacci levels. Unlike the standard Fibonacci retracement indicator, which requires you to first locate the swing highs and lows, the Auto Fibonacci indicator automatically displays the Fibonacci level on your chart. Based on a Fibonacci retracement, traders may be able to identify areas where price may reverse.

To be successful with Auto Fibonacci indicator MT4, you need to understand the basics of Fibonacci retracement.


  • This is an excellent educational tool for beginner traders who wish to learn how to draw Fibonacci retracements.
  • On the trading platform, there is a lot of light.
  • It’s perfect for novices because it has an Automatic Fibonacci indicator with alerts.
  • The only Automatic Fibonacci indicator that correctly attracts Fibonacci retracements.


  • The main drawback to this non-repainting forex indicator is that it requires a thorough understanding of Fibonacci retracement to be successful.
  • It can be a little tricky for beginners to understand at first.
  1. Waddah Attar Explosion Indicator 

Developed in 2007 by a trader named Ahmed Waddah Attar, this entry indicator analyzes volume and momentum. Waddah Attar Explosion indicator is quite sensitive and works well on both lower and higher time frames for scalping and verifying sudden swings or shifts in trend or momentum in the market. The sensitivity levels, lengths, and multiplier can be adjusted to customize this indicator.

This indicator prints Up and Down arrows in the indicator pane and colors the bars to signify a buy or sell signal.


  • This indicator has Buy and Sell alerts.
  • There are only three components to interpret.
  • Straightforward from a visual standpoint.
  • User-friendly and easy to understand.
  • It can be used as a stand-alone method for entering and exiting trends.
  • Multi-time frame and interpolation are included, as well as many moving average strategies.


  • Trading a range requires a set of skills that most traders lack. As a result, traders are sometimes advised to avoid trading ranges as much as possible during the trading day. This is when prices have been caught in a price range.
  1. Trend Scalp

The trend scalp indicator is a non-repainting forex indicator you’ll need for scalping trends. It also works well on any timeframe.

It contains built-in add-ons like arrows on key retracement levels and break alerts to help you improve your scalping strategies. Trend scalp requires plenty of regular practice to help you understand and use the indicator fully. 


  • Works well on all timeframes.
  • All timeframes work flawlessly, including the smaller money supply and M5 charts.
  • It includes plenty of scalping options and Break and Retracement Level Alerts and Arrows.


  • It will take some time and patience for beginners to learn how to use it.
  1. Auto supply and Demand Zones

The Auto supply and demand zones assist you in automatically drawing support and resistance zones. It can be used for a variety of timeframes. Additionally, this non-repainting forex indicator for day trading has several display settings and accurately identifies support and resistance points.


  • Support and Resistance Zones are automatically drawn for high-probability counter-trend trading.
  • Multi-timeframe is available.
  • There are various show choices and configurations and an executive department (Heads Up Display).
  • Accurate.


  • It might be difficult for rookie traders to understand or choose which options are the easiest to use and display.
  1. ITrend Averages

The ITrend Indicator is a trend-following technical indicator that detects momentum and trend reversals using a pair of oscillating lines. On a separate indicator window, it plots a green and red line that fluctuates as a pair. Trend direction is determined by how these two lines intersect, and trend reversals are determined by how these two lines cross.


  • This indicator is visually appealing and straightforward, making it easier for beginner traders to recognize the trend just by looking at it.
  • There will be no need to use additional confirmation tools because the trend will be used to enter and exit independently.
  • It does an excellent job of directing traders where a specific trend begins and ends.
  • During bursts of volatility, the second level will be an effective indicator for scalping entries or re-joining existing trends.
  • Because of the Trends calculation and ADXVMA, it comes with 40+ types of Averages.


  • Because of the indicator’s precision, it dislikes MTF for profitability. It does, however, fall short in multiframe mode.
  • This indicator can’t help traders set their stop losses or take profit levels. 


  1. Hull Moving Average Mountain Histogram

Best Non Repainting Forex Indicators for Day Trading
Non Repainting Forex Indicator – Hull Moving Average Mountain Histogram

The Hull Moving Average Mountain Histogram is a more complex version of the Hull Moving Average trading indicator. The Hull MA, or Hull Moving Average, has one distinguishing feature: it eliminates the lag common to all moving average indicators.


  • For trend trading entry, it’s accurate and user-friendly.
  • The Hull Moving Average formula has been tried and tested.
  • Using the multi-timeframe mode works great for swing trading.
  • Accurate and efficient for trend trading.
  • Advanced pricing features, custom widths, and beginners’ entry lines are included.
  • Available for all currency pairs.


  • The Hull Moving Average indicator is easy to use. 
  • It lowers the lag, unlike other moving averages. 
  • It can assess a wide range of assets, including stocks and ETFs. 
  • It’s provided by most trading platforms, such as MT4.
  • The indicator does not provide a distinct entry and exit signal. 


Because most beginner traders find repainting indicators difficult to use, our list of best non repainting forex indicators for day trading may be ideal for you. Regardless of the situation, the fundamental goal of trading is to make money. So get any indicators that you believe will help you achieve this goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between repainting and non-repainting indicators?

A repainting indicator is one whose values are constantly changing. These indicators usually create entry signals based on future data. The repainting indicator ensures that their past entry and exit signals are perfect and accurate as a result of this.

Non-repainting indicators are those whose values do not change once a price bar has ended. They typically calculate their values by looking at past price bars. With the bar’s high, low, open, and close levels, the value of these closed bars never changes.

What’s the difference between MT4 and MT5?

Several features make MT4 and MT5 different from each other. Only hedging is possible with MT4, whereas hedging and netting are possible with MT5. MT4 is a CFD forex trading platform, whereas MT5 is a multi-asset trading platform covering both centralized and non-centralized financial markets. MT5 is conceivably more efficient and faster than MT4. Internal mailing systems are available in MT4 and MT5, while MT5 includes attachments.

How many forex mt4 indicator no repaint is there?

Non-repaints are numerous in both quantity and availability on all related websites.

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