Tixee Academy

Learn How To Trade With Experts


One of the tixee mottos is that “there is always room for improvement”.
Trading is a teachable skill and those who are willing to learn will benefit greatly from the tixee Academy.
Our team has put together numerous mediums of learning that can help trades who are just starting out to learn the ins and outs of trading as well as help more experienced traders sharpen their skills.
From live guided trading sessions with industry experts to hands-on training, there is something for everyone.


What Will You Get From The Tixee Academy?


The Academy covers topics across the entire trading spectrum.
From technical and fundamental analysis to trading strategies, tips and expert advice, you should expect to get an end-to-end training program that will elevate your skill-level and confidence.
Here’s a few things you will receive from the Academy:

  • Interactive sessions
  • Presentations
  • Tests
  • Webinars

Joining tixee™ is simple

Opening an account with tixee is as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 1 Sign Up
Step 2 Deposit
Step 3 Trade

No hoops to jump through and our straightforward account
opening process will have you up and running in a matter of minutes.