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US Inflation Set to Rise to a Four-Decade High

The US S&P 500 futures are rising, building on gains from yesterday. The US index closed 0.9% higher on Monday snapping a 5-day...

Traders Look to Fed Chair Powell for Direction

Gold is rising, adding to yesterday’s gains, whilst recouping some of last week’s 2% losses. Gold sold off last week on the prospect...

US Inflation Fears & Omicron to Drive Trading this Week

US dollar is rising at the start of the week after seeing its biggest daily fall in 6-weeks on Friday. Weaker than expected...

How to trade the USD/JPY Forex Pair

Like all the major currency pairs, the USD JPY currency pair has high volatility and tight spreads that provide plenty of opportunities for...

NFP-Share Price effect on Financial Market

The short and simple answer to the question – does NFP affect the stock market? – is YES. In fact, the NFP data...

NFP Trading Strategy – How to Trade the NFP?

A high figure in the NFP economic data release indicates the US economy is in a good position. Therefore, the US dollar and...

GBP USD Forex Strategy and Trading Tips

Retail Sales Indicator – Impact On The Currency

Retail is one of the key economic indicators and has a major impact on currency price movements. Analysts consider retail sales data and...

ISM Report Impact on Forex Market

Foreign exchange traders rely on various data to take a position. They pay special attention to ISM manufacturing report data.

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