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US Banks Kick-Off Earnings Season, UK GDP Due

Q4 earnings season will kick off today with banks under the spotlight. JP Morgan, the largest US bank by assets, has had a...

US Inflation Set to Rise to a Four-Decade High

The US S&P 500 futures are rising, building on gains from yesterday. The US index closed 0.9% higher on Monday snapping a 5-day...

US Inflation Fears & Omicron to Drive Trading this Week

US dollar is rising at the start of the week after seeing its biggest daily fall in 6-weeks on Friday. Weaker than expected...

GBP USD Forex Strategy and Trading Tips

The Forex 7 Major Pairs – All you need to know!

The major currency pairs are the most heavily traded currency pairs. What exactly are Major Currency Pairs? Which Currency is best to buy...

Benefits of Forex Trading – 7 Reason to start trading Now!

Trading forex is quite a profitable endeavor, especially if you are an experienced trader. However, whether you are a novice or a skilled...

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